Robin Snook

The High Street - A flat above a commercial property in the High Street has on many occasions been witness to a strange, but somehow not unnerving, occurrence. The occupants depart to another room having been watching television, leaving the appliance on. On their return ........ the TV has been switched off ! At all times the occupants have remained together, there is nobody else in the flat ........ and the door to their home is locked ! Discussions with the landlord of the property have revealed that his late father did not like TV! In the same property footsteps have clearly been heard ascending to an attic room above ........ again, witness to this have been the only occupants !

The Cold Bath - In about 1962 a young man arranged to meet two friends in the Beacon Grounds where they intended to camp overnight. The two friends failed to arrive but, with some trepidation, the young man decided to pitch his tent beneath the Yew Trees that overhang the path leading to the Cold Bath. He noticed some lengths of old metal guttering amongst the remains of the ruined bath houses and, as night fell, placed them beneath the spring outlet that fed the Bath, to reduce the noise of the then cascading water. But the noise recurred ........ on leaving his tent to investigate he expected to find that the guttering had slipped under the force of the water ........ but it had been strewn yards from the Bath ! This occurred on at least three occasions during the night ........ and on each occasion the speed by which he went to investigate would have enabled him to observe the culprit. He eventually slept ....................

With the permission of the then owner of the Beacon Hotel, in about 1966 a group of six young but adult men camped in the large clearing to the north of the Cold Bath. Laughingly, they embarked upon a "ghost hunt" of the paths leading by and around the three lakes, but witnessed nothing untoward. On nearing their tent they stopped and sat on the bank overlooking the overgrown, dilapidated Cold Bath ........ where for about fifteen minutes they chatted about everyday things ........ their work, their girlfriends (or lack of them) and what they were to do the next day. As they went to leave they noticed that one of their party remained seated and did not respond to their requests that they come with him. Becoming alarmed they strenuously but unsuccessfully tried to lift him to his feet ......... despite their not inconsiderable strength they could not raise their friend even an inch ......... he appeared rooted to the ground. A little later he stood up, totally unperturbed. They returned to their tent where he calmly accounted for the time that he had "been seated alone" on the bank overlooking the Cold Bath, its peaceful watercourses and pristine bath houses ......... watching and listening to the people enjoying the facility. That night the young men woke and talked ......... their earlier experience had heightened their awareness ......... some heard a dog barking from the direction of Cold Bath Farm ......... whilst others heard the baying of a pack of hounds.

On hearing of the events that night, the Curate of the day spent time in prayer at the Cold Bath and confirmed the presence of a "spirit" ......... not malevolent, a kindly spirit. Nevertheless, to this day those witnesses to these strange occurrences find themselves unable to discuss that night when they meet ......... but carry with them the knowledge that they have shared a mystery that they may never understand.

Extract from The Rusthall Story edited and written by Robin Snook. Here he is of course speaking about his own experiences of the supernatural in Rusthall. He and his ex-wife Maddy lived above the shop where the TV turned itself off, and he was also one of the young heroes in the Beacon Hotel grounds. For more details of The Rusthall Story and/or free electronic copies drop him a line at